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Business Development Session - What Is Stopping You?

  • Date: 2nd November, 2021
  • Venue: Plymouth - Market Hall

This is a blended session for self-employed people and new business starters to come together and discuss issues and challenges in a group setting. 

Hosted by Real Ideas, we will discuss business issues and collectively work together to find solutions.

Our topic for this month is in fact a question. What is stopping you? In our session yesterday, we spoke a lot about success and what it means. We also talked about the fact that in spite of being able to identify it and recognise it and have the necessary skills and ability to make it happen, we sometimes don't. 
In this session we will explore some of the barriers to success that are in our way. Whether by ourselves or by others, how can we start to work beyond these to achieve the success we are capable of.
There will be a limited number of tickets to join in person but plenty more via a weblink.

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