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Immerse Yourself: Family Fun!

  • Date: 16th October, 2021
  • Venue: Plymouth - Market Hall - Dome
Dome Experience

Immerse yourself: Family fun! 

Our Immerse yourself: Family Fun programme is perfect for introducing little ones to the world of immersive!   Learn new things, listen to stories and travel to new worlds, all from the comfort of a cosy bean bag!

Join little baby Tilapia as she swims in a big river in search of her family, take a trip to the Land of Flabby Schnook and join astronaut George on his interplanetary adventure!

Beautiful Baby Tilapia 

 This fulldome short-film is about a little beautiful baby Tilapia swimming in a big river in search of her missing parents and siblings. In a simple and metaphoric way, the story explains environmental problems to kids.

The cartoon is made in collaboration with Saint Augustine University Of Tanzania and Nyamalango primary school in Mwanza, Tanzania. All the illustrations were made by the primary school kids. 

 Running time: 5 minutes

In the land of Flabby Shnook 

Stereoscopic 360 degree dome or VR film, 60fps 

A little brother asks his big sister how she managed to stop being afraid of the dark. She leads him into a succession of dreamlike tableaux where everything comes to life and the outcome of which leads the little brother to confront his own fears. In the land of the Flabby Shnook is a contemplative film where the spectator discovers the magic of the places from the point of view of the protagonists. 

 Running time: 6 minutes

Astronaut George

Astronaut George is a perfect introduction to the planets in our Solar System for pre-school kids. During this full-dome show George investigates the best planet to live on and the dangers lurking on the surface of other planets in our Solar System. But will he find any alien friends to play with? 
Join us and find out in this inter-planetary adventure! 

 Running time: 15 minutes

Approx Total run time 26 minutes
Doors open 30 minutes before the screening begins. 

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