Worlds of Ice

8th November 2022 Market Hall Dome Dome Experience Immerse Fulldomeuk
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WORLDS OF ICE invites us on a journey to the
farthest reaches of the solar system, travelling
through the dimensions of ice from the remote
territories of the arctic, to a scientific complex
nested under the South Pole. We experience it all
immersed in a kaleidoscopic igloo from which we

never cease to re-emerge, dazzled by the chroni-
cles of an icy wonderland to which Beatrice Deer,

a popular figure of the Inuit culture, lends her
unique voice.Thirty-five minutes of pure delight that explores
the two-way relationship between humans and
ice, this protean substance whose astonishing
dynamics universally affect biology, astronomy,
ocean sciences, anthropology, culture and artistic
expression.But WORLDS OF ICE also rattles us, revealing

how our disastrous human actions are responsi-
ble for the melting polar ice caps, and how close

we are to the tipping point of dramatic climate
change. A sobering reality indeed. Ice. Precious, and vital.Philippe BaylaucqTrained at Hornsey College and Saint Martin’s
School of Art, London, Philippe Baylaucq has
been making films for nearly 40 years. The
hallmarks of his work are constant formal

experimentation and a keen interest in tech-
nological innovation. Winning multiple awards

around the world, his films reveal a clear fas-
cination with an array of art forms. They en-
compass a wide range of themes and genres,

from interactive storytelling, documentary
and fiction to gallery/museum installations,
work for television and art films. Since 2014,
he has turned his versatile approach to the

production of immersive experiences. Follow-
ing Tempo, Aurōrae and Kyma, his fourth full-
dome production entitled Worlds of Ice, aims

to make the subject of ice more widely acces-
sible by combining scientific investigation and

artful storytelling. In parallel with his creative
work, since 1994 Baylaucq has contributed to

the advancement of the filmmaking profes-
sion, serving as chair of various boards in the

Montreal arts, film and cultural organizations. Beatrice DeerAcclaimed “Inuindie” pop star Beatrice Deer is
a Montreal-based singer-songwriter. Half-Inuk
and half-Mohawk, she was born and raised in
Nunavik, Quebec, in the small village of Quaqtaq.
Deer has put out six studio albums, including
her newest release, SHIFTING. Her Canadian
Indigenous Music Award-winning songs are
based on personal lyrics that blend indie rock
and modern folk with traditional Inuit tales
and throat singing. The recipient of a 2021
Prism Prize, and selected to be an Apple Music
Ambassador, Deersings in three languages:
Inuktitut, English, and French. A beloved figure

in Arctic Canada, she has performed every-
where from the Venice Biennale to Norway’s

Førde Traditional and World Music Festival to
the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.Hubblo
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